Foundations of Early Learning - Part 1

Type: Online Learning

The Foundations of Early Learning Series has been designed to provide you with foundational knowledge on early learning and care so that you can offer the high quality learning opportunities that children and families need. This series will be broken down into different asynchronous (self-paced) parts that you can take separately. Ideally, you will take these parts sequentially.

In Foundations of Early Learning Part 1, you will: 

  • Explore the reasons why it is important for early learning professionals to develop caring, responsive and authentic connections with the children in their programme.
  • Practice ways in which caring, responsive and authentic relationships with children can be fostered in your every day practice.
  • Learn about the importance of developing positive relationships with the families in our programmes by activating the dispositions of awareness, openness, and curiosity.
  • Engage in reflective practice and discussions with colleagues who are also completing this professional learning opportunity.

We recommend that you register for Foundations of Early Learning - Part 2, once you have completed this offering.  

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