2SLGBTQ+ Online

Type: Online Learning

In this online space we visit the concepts of sexual orientation, gender, and terminology. This online space provides an opprotunity for continued learning on 2SLGBTQ+ in the Early Years as well as a space to connect. Here you can connect with other educators who are interested in this topic and there is space provided for 2SLGBTQ+ identifying educators to connect with each other. 

*Particpants in this Network are kept annonymous unless they choose to post in open areas. 

To access after registration please follow this link here https://learning.wellington.ca/d2l/home or by navigating to the EYPRC main page and selecting BrightSpace login on the top bar.

Do you have any additional questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to the EYPRC at eyprc@wellington.ca.

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